5 Reasons Why You Should Go Winter Caravanning:

1. Explore Australia in winter & create new experiences

Caravanning need not be a summer-only affair; with a few simple tweaks, you can be out appreciating this amazing country in all its seasonal glories. Australia has a lot to offer, all year round and allows you to create new experiences with your loved ones. The nicest thing about an Australian winter is that depending on where you go you can pretty well dial in the climate you want. That might mean a red wine and a fire with snow falling outside in the mountains or a balmy 25-degree day on a North Queensland beach. Winter is the peak whale watching season in Victoria and South Australia. Winter also brings a dusting of snow in some destinations, with a chance to ski the slopes. We have a defined winter season with many nice and fun things to do and places to visit such as; taking a snow trip, watching the wild animals of the season, visiting the Australian vineyards, and many more. What would you want to see first? 

2. Get toasty by the campfire

Winter camping can mean a campfire in the morning, and sometimes lunch, and then dinner. And with campfires mean wonderful cooking opportunities, lots of camp oven food, and other delicious foods.

During the summer months, it’s hard to find a camping spot without campfire restrictions. The good news? There's usually a much lower risk of bushfires and danger to wildfire in the winter season, which means more campfire opportunities! But before you start roasting those marshmallows, make sure to check out the campfire rules and etiquette for wherever you’re camping. There’s something magical about an open campfire under the stars, and even more so when it’s a little crisp outside. So, grab a blanket and get snuggled up by the glowing flames for an evening of sing-alongs, storytelling and sweet treats.

 3. Fewer People and Insects

Depending on where you go camping, the winter season means fewer people at the campsites.

If you are a camper in the southern half of Australia, you will notice this the most.
The campsites that are so popular in summer (think of all the camping locations that have ballot systems in peak summer periods or the bookings online which are all sold out months in advance) are not so appealing in winter.

There is an exception to the “fewer people camping in winter”, and that is if you go camping in the top half of Australia. Winter camping is peak season in the northern parts of Australia due to the mild temperatures at this time of year, making it a more appealing option for those who want to escape the chilly southern days.

You will not be swatting flies constantly.

That fact alone is a big plus for winter camping.

Flies cannot survive the wet and cold (which is more typical for Southern Australia).

Once again, those in the north will not be as lucky in avoiding them – they will keep breeding in warmer and drier locations, but the fly population rises and falls depending on the temperature and rainfalls….so in the north, if you hate flies, you want rain and cold weather!

Other bugs go into something like a deep sleep (technical term: diapause) and wait for warmer weather.

Mosquitos? No dramas with those. Something you get mainly in summer as, like the flies, they tend to be dormant in winter months.

Even bees take a break.

Of course, a big plus for many people is that they are less likely to wander into the bush and come across a snake. Snakes, like some insects, have gone into hibernation for the winter – but it’s not true hibernation. They can come out to bask in the winter sun, so you are not going to be 100% safe from sightings, but it is much less likely.

4. Save on costs as it’s off peak

Listen to the trickle of water rather than campers next door!

With fewer crowds comes more tranquillity. Taking out your van in the winter allows you to experience camping spots in a new light (quite literally). 

With the exception of school holidays or long weekends, winter camping is usually off-peak. This is great news for your wallet if you plan to stay in one of the many established campgrounds, which usually have lower rates this time of year, so your camping costs are a bit cheaper. It may not be a lot of cash saved, but some are better than nothing. Can you catch a bargain?

5. Create quality times and reconnect with nature together 

Surrounded by nature, you will be arguably safer as well as feel more calm and peaceful, nothing beats reconnecting with nature with your loved ones. Spending quality times together creates memories that will last a lifetime.

When in the great outdoors, your backyard has never been so big. When nature becomes your neighbour, there’s always something to see! Imagine falling asleep under the stars and waking up to the sunrise and birdsong instead of traffic jams and sirens?

Enjoying the beautiful landscape and being together with your loved ones makes for the best quality times together. 

When it comes to feeling calm and serene, it’s hard to beat the peaceful silence of the outdoors in the colder months. Time seems to slow down as you step out into the crisp chill and listen to the soft sounds of surrounding nature… And this is especially true if you’re snow camping - Snowflakes are shaped to soak up sound waves, so things seem quieter when they fall. Now there’s a fun fact to tell around the campfire!